Your face is the mirror of who you are

Your face is the mirror of who you are. So it is important that you look your best to show the world you love yourself. Now shine and shimmer like a movie star with the best makeup artist DC and give that pretty face of yours the pampering it deserves. The specialty of Coco does not just lies in making her clients look best on special occasions, this DC makeup artist who has a degree in cosmetology from the Flavio Beauty College in Los Angeles California believes that looking beautiful is an everyday thing. That is why Coco helps clients feel and look great every day by guiding them into maintaining a healthy complexion through preventative care and the use of quality products.

Every little girl dreams of having her own fairy tale wedding and looking the most beautiful and radiant bride the world’s has ever seen. Marriage is undoubtedly the most special day in every woman’s life and looking her best on the most important day of her life is a bride’s right. Look your best and shine like a start with the help of Coco LaRue the best wedding makeup artist, who gives you your wedding day makeover in the most fascinating manner possible.

With ten years of experience as a celebrity stylist and makeup artist, Coco LaRue knows just what it takes to give a bride that fairytale look and shine of a movie star. One of the best celebrity makeup artist DC, Coco LaRue is known to create magic with her hands and will give you the glow that will make you the center of any gathering.

It is not just make up that Coco LaRue is an expert at, in fact Coco LaRue is your one stop shop for beauty needs. Apart from makeup artistry Coco offers the best hair extensions in the country that are un-detectable and help clients look like celebrities. So what are you waiting for, you dream of looking like your favorite movie star is just a click away. Visit us and book a consultation today.