10 Funky Eye Makeup Looks

One of the daily morning decisions a girl has to take is her eye makeup for the day. Funky eye makeup can transform a simple look to a transcendental level. It can take you from drab to fabulous in a few minutes. Regardless, of your look for the day, the right eye makeup can change and improve the way you look and feel immediately. The list below provides easy ideas for eye makeup that will give you a funky edge.

1.    The Modern Cat Eye

An exaggerated cat eye with shimmer or colored eyeliners helps provide a modern twist to a classic favorite.  The modern cat eye with the perfect flicked up edge can be used for the day and easily be made glamorous up for the night.

2.    Emerald Smoky Eyes

The emerald color suits all skin tones from pale to dark. The green shadow with a metallic finish provides a funky pop of color, which is better suited for a night out.

3.    Electric Blue Eye Shadow

A solid Blue eye shadow applied from the lash line to the crease is a noted trend this year. Electric Blue looks gorgeous on dark or light eyes and provides a funky yet sophisticated bolt of color that brightens up the face.

4.    Gilded Eyelids

A metallic gold pigment spread all round the eyelids provides a funky effect for the night out. This trend has allows you to cover your eyes with chunks of gold glitter and gain the Midas touch.

5.    Butterfly Eyes

This style allows you to blend various bright colors ranging from purple to green to brown from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes. Butterfly eyes provide a perfect funky day look for the girl who loves all bright colors.

6.    Neon Eyes

Neon colors used on both the upper and lower lids give the eyes an incandescent effect. These bright electric shades brighten up the face and instantly make your look modish and unconventional.

7.    White Washed Eyes

White eyeliner or gel can easily brighten up the eyes and conform to the biggest trend of the season. “Less is More” with this trend that provides a unique edge to an otherwise simple look.

8.    Balmy Lids

Glossy and balmy lids are easy to achieve. A lipstick can be used on the eyelids to attain the funky effect of balmy lids, which are suitable for the day and the night.

9.    Rock and Roll eyes


This look aims at attaining a slept in eye effect that looks effortless and chic by using kohl to line the upper and lower lid and then smudging it around the water line.

10.    Bold Brows

Bold and thick eyebrows help give an edgy and funky look. Sparse eyebrows can be thickened using various makeup products that help give the brows a fuller and funkier appearance.

Eye makeup not only enhances the eyes but also accentuates other features of the face. Going bold and funky is this year’s most popular fashion trend and therefore, don’t be afraid and take that daring step. All the above discussed appearances are achievable; if you’re still unsure, take help of professional makeup artist DC. In this manner, you get a flawless look with no compromises.

About The Author

Coco La’Rue

Coco La’Rue is an award-winning hair extensions specialist. She has mastered the art of providing mesmerizing results, owing to her love and passion for the industry. For more than a decade, she has brought smile on the faces of millions with her great techniques and sensible utilization of hair extensions and lace wigs. Her experience as a stylist spans from television, film, wedding to print media.