Top 8 Reasons You Need to Apply Makeup Daily

Makeup is a controversial issue. Feminists argue for women empowerment with no makeup propaganda. Sociologists believe it to be natural to a woman’s instincts. Historians claim its usage in the ancient era. Whatever the actual reason is, makeup industry is a million dollar empire spanning continents.
Anyway, why makeup is so important? Why every woman finds makeup indispensible in her life? Here, I am sharing 7 strong reasons that persuade a woman to wear makeup. Here it comes.

Reason 1: Boost Your Ego : 

In our world, confidence is a gem. Why just women, everyone wants to feel confident. By applying the right amount of makeup, a woman acquires confidence. This confidence is actually helpful for women to succeed in several situations, most notably in corporate sector.

And if you good, you are bound to get plenty of compliments. That again works wonder to boost confidence. So, I don’t see any wrong in applying makeup.

Reason 2: Protection to Skin:

A moisturizer with sun protection will shield your skin. Plus, foundation can even fight pollutants in the air.  Pollution is a huge culprit when it comes to skin damage.   So, makeup is again useful infighting against ageing and deterioration.

Reason 3: Makeup is Fun:

Makeup is really fun. There is o dearth of styles to choose from. You can go for gothic look, sophisticated corporate look, or anything else. So, here, I am breaking the belief that makeup is a need for women that is forced by society. In fact, it is a fun way to express your individuality.


Many times, my clients want me to transform their personality to look like a particular celebrity.  It’s not that they are reeling under some social pressure; they just want to experiment with their looks. They want to try something new. I see nothing wrong in this behavior.

So, next time, you want some fun in your life, apply makeup!

Reason 4: Experiment with Different looks:

Many individuals complain that makeup can go terribly wrong. But, they fail to see the other side of the complete process. If a person applies wrong makeup, it can be wiped. So, there is no need to worry in this regard.
Anyway, there is ample room for women to experiment with their looks. Think of the sheer number of lipstick colors, eyeliners, styles, etc.  It should be noted that women try using makeup from a very young age, so, they learn numerous tricks anyhow.

And of course, several makeup artists DC are always prepared to help you. Many women seek professional advice to get a flawless look. I always advise my clients to consider their facial features before they decide a particular look.
Reason 5:  Enhance Your Feminine Features:

Men love women with feminine features. That’s the reason; many women try to enhance their feminine characteristics to allure members of the opposite sex.   I know that heavy makeup is not at all flattering, but right application will make you feel more beautiful.

Not just enhancement of features, right makeup can also downplay features to maintain your alluring appearance.

Reason 6: It is Good for Cleansing:

If you utilize makeup daily, then you also acquired the habit of deep cleansing your skin. In fact, most celebrity makeup artist DC encourages their clients to develop a stringent habit of cleansing the skin.  This results in a skin that is fresh and younger-looking all day long.


Reason 7: Many Women like to Apply Makeup:

It’s a matter of preference. Some women actually do like putting makeup. They adore the practice. And there’s nothing wrong in that! Everyone is different in this world. So, if someone likes makeup, you should not criticize her.

With makeup, some women try to reflect their beliefs. Think about your high school days, when rebellious folks used their attire and makeup to put forward their thinking about the society and everything else.

Reason 8: More Employment Opportunities:

Many employment opportunities require their employees to look their best.  So, women have to hide their flaws under makeup to succeed in that important interview.  It should be noted that this is only a requirement to succeed in a particular profession.

Most women never try to rebel against professional requirements for makeup. That’s a huge reason, demand for professional makeup artists have surged in the corporate world. No one wants to look inferior.
So, I think makeup is not that bad as some people make it look like.  You may also have a reason to use makeup in your personal or professional life. Whatever your needs are, be confident and certain about your grooming needs.

Author Bio :

CoCo la rue is a celebrity makeup artist DC. She writes about fashion, hair extensions, makeup, and everything related to beauty. She also runs CoCo La Rue hair extensions DC that is targeted at fulfilling the needs of modern women. Her expert advice is sought-after by numerous popular names in different industries.