10 Hottest Eyes Makeup For Your Prom Night

Prom night is probably the most awaited night in any teenage girl’s school life. It is the night for which they spend hours searching the perfect dress, deciding the best hairstyle and the make up that flatters them the most. Choosing the right kind of make up for your lips and eyes is very important as they are the first things that others notice when they see you. Also, make up not only accentuates your features but also makes you look more glamorous. An important tip to keep in mind while applying make up is that you either highlight your eyes or your lips. Highlighting them both will probably make you look like a clown. If you decide that your eyes are your best features, then here are some hottest eye makeup ideas for your perfect prom night.

Silver glitter and pink eye shadow: Eye make up should always be similar to the color of your dress. A pink dress and a pink eye shadow has always been the best prom dress combination. However, if you want to add a little twist to this old but classic combo, apply silver glitter on the lid before applying the pink eye shadow.

Smokey Eye: This style never goes out of fashion and is always a popular choice for special occasions. For a Smokey eye, apply the lightest shade to the lid and then use another light shade from the inner eye to the middle and blend it with a darker shade.

Natural: Going natural is not always a bad idea provided; you combine it with some heavy mascara. Do not apply the black eyeliner on the lid instead apply it under the eyelashes. Since not many people are used to doing this, it might take some time and practice to get this method right.

Mermaid Eye Shadow: Using a combination of colors such as white, turquoise blue, yellow and light green, you can easily create the mermaid look.

Ombre: Use a light color such as white on the inner eyelid and blend with a contrasting color such as pink or blue, depending on your dress, to get the ombre effect.

Pink eyes and lips: Matching the makeup of eyes and lips is always a great idea as they blend the entire makeup of your face and give you a young look.

Gold: As always, gold works with every dress color. Mix gold with black eyeliner and a white eye shadow below your eyes to make them stand out.

Bronze eye shadow: A bronze eye shadow and dark eyeliner is the perfect way to make your eyes vibrant and sharp. No one will ever be able to remove their eyes from yours.

Silver and Blue: Use the ombre effect and apply silver on the lower part of your eyelids and the blue eye shadow on the upper part of your eyes. Finish off with some black eyeliner and you’re good to go.

Neutral Brown: Combining neutral brown eye shadow with black mascara and pink lipstick, will definitely prove you’re one of the ‘it’ girls on prom night.

Applying the right kind of eye shadow is necessary as it highlights the most important feature of your face. Whether you’re going for bold and colorful, chic and elegant or just natural, don’t forget that pretty smile to complete the look.

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